Why should you use us?

Business Supermarket has a history of getting great prices for your utility renewals. whether it be gas or electric, we make the change to so simple. We strive to get you fantastic prices year after year. There are many brokers out there for energy, the problem is, all they do is renew your energy contract. Here at Business Supermarket, we offer much more.

Why is Business Supermarket so different?

Apart from utility renewals, we help with your energy too. We can offer real-time reporting and analysis of your energy usage.  As standard each year we look at your usage and consult you on any changes, we are here to help and not just get you a renewal deal.

Much more than utility renewals

Our professional staff can give you tips on energy savings and can arrange energy audits if needed. Plus, Business Supermarket has its own team of specialists that cover energy efficiency, solar panels, battery technology, lighting and electric vehicle charging. We can install all of these technologies for your company. We can provide quotations to show the benefits and savings of such technologies.

An all-around approach to energy

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From energy monitoring, renewables to smart meters, we can help you. This is why our clients stay with us, we help them with energy and don’t just sell it to them. Look at our energy efficiency page to see where we can help. And why not get some energy-saving tips, with things you can do to save energy now. Get a quote for utility renewals, solar or anything else, we know you won’t be disappointed.

All our quotations are free, please get in touch and see if we can help. If you have any questions we are happy to answer them for you. One of our team is on hand to help with any queries.