UK Jumps to Second Biggest EV Market in Europe

Almost 32,000 electric vehicles were sold in Britain in the first quarter of 2021, making it the second-largest EV market in Europe. This uptake comes on the back of steady growth over the last few years, which many had expected to be hit by the pandemic.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Despite such an uncertain climate, electric vehicle sales across the continent have soared to over 500,000 sales this year, a new record. A significant portion of this demand has come from the UK, which has overtaken France for the first time, to become the second-largest market for zero exhaust emissions.

The UK policy landscape is shifting towards a 2030 ban on new petrol & diesel vehicles, meaning we have seen the emergence of new grants to help individuals make the switch. A quick summary of available savings is below:

Low-Emission Plug-In Grant
Benefit: New low-emission vehicles are eligible for a grant of up to £3000 to be claimed by the dealership, which is likely to lower the price to the consumer.

Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme
Benefit: £350 towards a charge point at home (up to 2 per household)

Workplace Charging Scheme
Benefit: £350 towards a charge point at work (up to 2 per building)

Electric Car

There are many benefits to upgrading to EVC (electric vehicle charging):

Staff can charge their vehicles if needed.
EVC fleets are cheaper to run and cut your CO2 emissions.
More people may visit your business due to having car charging.
Current access to grants for car charging systems.
Future proof your business.
EVC billing and infrastructure now ready for business needs.

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