This project was part of an expansion at one of the NHS Trust sites. The plans had been put together for the building and the council had stipulated that a percentage of the energy should come from renewables. After looking at the predicted energy usage at the site, it was decided that a 25kW PV system would cover this.

The roofs were fantastic for installing solar PV, a nice metal roof with the inset corner facing South. This type of solar panel fixing system attaches directly to the roof, the specification for this had to be sent off to the main contractor. This time we used a Schletter fixing kit as this was on the contractors specified kit list. Once we had the OK on all the system details the system install went ahead.

Commercial Solar PV Leicester

For this install we used a single 25kW Solis inverter, we have been using Solis for quite some time and have been very pleased with the results and the reliability. This system also had a public display, so the public and staff coming in and out of the building can see the energy production and CO2 savings. This system generates 22,900kWh’s of electrical energy every year.

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