Just released: Survey reveals commercial use of EVs is accelerating with investment to reach nearly £16b over the next year.

By far the biggest driver to this change is to meet corporate sustainability targets, the implementation of low and zero-emission zones across key routes and by the lower maintenance costs associated with EVs.

It’s a 50% increase in spending from last year that indicates companies are on track to switch to a fully electric fleet by the time the ban on new sales of petrol and diesel cars come into effect. The survey of 200 businesses that operate fleets was commissioned by Centrica with the results scaled up by them to cover the entirety of the UK’s private sector.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Of the 200 polled, 46% plan to install charge points with an additional 30% having already invested in on-site generation technologies like solar PV, further proving that renewable energy technologies and electric vehicles go hand in hand.

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