The simple answer is YES, solar can pay for itself and bring you great returns.

In our blog article ‘why solar panels for business?’ we looked at the price of solar panels and the relative paybacks. That particular article showed you a 50kW SME solar panel system that had a payback of under 5 years. The payback coming from the savings the system is giving. As we explained, for commercial solar there is no government tariff anymore, and it does not need one.

As you may know, the installation of solar panels is to produce electrical energy. This electrical energy powers your building and stops or slows down what electrical energy you are taking from the power grid. When your meter stops racking up kWh’s the savings are produced.

Sizing Solar PV For Your Business

Let’s just say you own an SME business and you can get that same 50kW solar PV system on your roof. In the first year, the system will bring savings of £5,456.00 (based on figures used). So, if your yearly electricity bill is usually £10,245.00 a year, we can deduct the solar savings from this. This means you are £5,456.00 better off and now you only have an electricity bill of £4789.00 per annum. The size of a system will depend on the space you have and the amount of solar you need depending on your electricity usage figures.

The bigger the system the bigger the savings. The largest industrial system we designed was 2.96MW in power and produced 2,364,070 kWh’s a year. With a 10p tariff that’s a whopping £236,407 of electricity each year and rises with inflation/energy prices. Our proposals and figures come with inflation and proposed energy rises over the 25-year warranty of the panels, the savings on this project run into millions. You can see one of the design images below, this system on an industrial building had a payback of around six years.

commercial solar PV system

Financing Business Solar Panels

With the correct financing, solar PV systems can easily pay for themselves. If your company wanted solar panels but didn’t want a large outlay, this can be easily financed. We can use the savings from the system to pay off the finance.

When the system has paid for itself (in around five/six years). The savings will make your company more profitable and you will become green too, raising the profile of your business.

At Business Supermarket, we can design these very systems. We include all the return and payback information you need to make a decision on a solar PV for your business. Our realistic payback structure is built on our years of knowledge and design working at the forefront of PV technology.

Solar PV Reliability

Canadian business solar panels

Reliability is so good when it comes to solar panels, and something we also touch on in our article ‘Why Solar Panels For Business?’. The technology is fantastic and has evolved over the last ten years of being in the industry.

Solar PV systems do not need much maintenance and run for years and years. We even sell systems that come with inverters (inverters convert the PV energy=DC into AC for use in the building) that have a 25-year warranty the same as the panels. This gives you great confidence in your investment knowing the system is covered for that time. The system can go on running past this, we predict figures of these systems running for 30 years.

So, can business solar pay for itself?

Well, most definitely, solar has one of the best paybacks for renewable technologies. In fact, it’s really a no brainer. The amounts of money you can save each year, the fantastic returns, and the green energy YOUR company will be producing, need I say much more.

If you would like to know more, then please get in touch. Our team will be happy to answer any questions, give you a quick quote or 3D design of solar panels on your roof.

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