This solar panel install was rather different from your average install. The main building roof was OK but it did not have as much room as the lower roof. As you can see from the pictures, the lower roof went up and down across the building.

Solar Panels Corby

The roof had metal rafters, and for this roof like all installs, we had to get a structural roof survey. This was even more important in this situation as these rafters stretched over a large area covering 1520sqm. Once the structural survey was done, the install was rolled out.

With a 3D design of the system, we could see how all the panels were to fit onto the roof and the layout we would end up going with. The panels could be shaded by the main building towards the end of the day, we designed the system to minimise the impact of this shading.

3D Design Corby

The finished product was 50kW of solar panels, the inverter was also fitted outside as there was not much space in the plant room. This system was fitted under Permitted development rights with a DNO permission as the inverter is over 30kW in power.

Inverter Corby

Inverter Corby – The above picture is before cable tidying and the cover fitted.

This system generates 45,000kWh of electricity each year to be used in the building. We calculated that the building would consume 80% of the energy, whilst sending 20% back to the grid. The client is looking at batteries now to capture the extra 20% of energy.

Solar Panels Corby

The clients building is rented out to many other businesses, these all pay a fixed figure for energy, while the owner is generating a large proportion of this for free.

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