Your roof is a generator, not just a roof.

Manufacturers usually have quite high electricity bills and this obviously comes down to how most products are manufactured. These types of businesses usually rely heavily on lighting, machinery, and technology. All this adds up to electricity cost which can soon rack up the pounds £.

Using solar is a great way to reduce these costs and get a good return on investment. This garment manufacturer like many has large roofs, so why not put it to use. At Business Supermarket, we don’t see a roof as just a roof, we see it as a generator! most roofs can be turned into generators of high-quality electricity for your business.

commercial solar panels

This system has a five and a half year payback and will go on running for at least another nineteen and a half years. The panels are guaranteed for twenty-five years and we even offer inverters (that run the plant) with a 20-year warranty too. This brings total peace of mind to your investment in solar power.

If you would like to find out more about generating your own solar power, please get in touch:
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