This install in Derby for HBW construction was very straightforward, the panels went in a simple two-row formation across the roof. The roof hooks (that fit the railing and then panels) went in first, even before the tiles.

A special type of slate roof plastic cover was used in conjunction with the roof hooks. This maintains the best possible fit while keeping the roof safe and looking detailed right down the parts you will never see (when the panels are fixed).

Fixing the roof this way means there were two visits to the site, one visit to fit the roof hooks and covers, and one visit to fit the rails and panels. This is the best option for roofs that are being recovered or new, especially very thin or slate tiles.

Once the hooks are in, the roofers can take their time and fit the tiles around the hooks, this makes the best of our time on-site and theirs.

Commercial solar PV Derbyshire

This system was slightly off south and produced about 20,1223kWh’s a year. This power was directed into the landlord supply of the building so he can benefit from the solar running of the lighting, doors, security, and numerous other devices that were installed on this supply.

Business Solar Panels

The other equipment such as the Solis inverter, switches and meters went into the plant room. This gives easy access to the consumer unit and all electrics for the solar PV system. Automatic meter reading via mobile signal was used in this installation.

The mobile meter makes it very easy for the landlord to send meter reading without the need to visit the site. For some people, this can be a problem or just a hindrance to their routine.

The landlord also has access to the online portal that shows the live production and historical data of the PV system. This is one of many installs in Derbyshire Business Supermarket has fitted.

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Commercial solar PV Derby

Commercial solar PV Derby