Pie making is not something I know a lot about, but I do know to make them you need quite a bit of electricity. When we were approached by this popular pie-making company, we did not know about such manufacturing processes, we learnt more when we visited the site in Birmingham.

Being a UK based company shipping their products to many countries, the size of this production unit and its facilities are vast, a lot of machinery was involved. At this site, we designed a 210kW system that would contribute 55% to the overall usage at the plant. One great thing about this system, there was hardly any grid feed (most of the energy was used onsite).

Business Solar Panels Birmingham

At the design review, it was noted that it would be better for production if we made use of every single SQM we could on the usable roof. It was also decided, with the slight pitch, it was better in the long run with the space vs production, to keep the panels flat to the roof, and not to raise them to 15,20 or 30 degrees towards the sun.

commercial solar panels for business Birmingham

Tilted the panels up to the sun would have used up valuable space on the roof. With the panels tilted they would have needed another 300-400mm gap between each row. For the best production, and the best cost per kW, the layout we chose gave the client the best return. We have worked on many commercial solar panel sites in Birmingham previously and know the area well.

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